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Ideas to highlight your small apartment

Is it time to decorate your home and are you tired of its small spaces? You couldn’t be more wrong!

We are here to tell you that not only should you not be stressed but that furnishing a small house is even easier!

  • Put mirrors in your life

Mirrors will give height and symmetry to the space but at the same time they will create the illusion of multiple points in the eye and therefore a conceivably larger space. You can choose simple designs or different materials!

  • Bet on the auxiliary small furniture

A side table next to the sofa, a set of zigzags around the living room or a few small stools under the windows, will not only fill the empty corners of the house but will also give great useful value!

  • Are you familiar with polymorphic coffee tables?

In a smaller space, the coffee table is the protagonist. The versatile tables can help you as they include stools, smaller tables, drawers for storage – and most importantly – expandable lifting mechanisms so you can use it alone for your meal or enjoy an evening with your friends!

  • Less is more

Remember that minimalism and the choice of a little and good furniture is the key to not losing the character of your home. A small apartment must have character and order in order to relax the one who lives in it and to impress anyone who visits it.

Do not hesitate to get ideas from our collections and share with us your own suggestions and solutions!