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Our history

love crafted furniture

Kubo started its journey in 1974 from a restless young man who learned the art of wood and handmade furniture when he was just 14 years old. Since then, with the same concern and the same passion, we continue to grow and evolve, with innovative techniques and ideas to bring to you furniture of high quality and aesthetics that reflect the old taste in the modern space.

Our Past

For about 50 years we have been growing steadily in the field of modern furniture. Our creations have been placed in the largest exhibitions in the country and have adorned thousands of homes. All this lead to the driving force to meet the new requirements and continue to be close to our customers.

Our Present

The present finds us in our most constructive and creative phase. Our network of partners is constantly growing, our work is recognized by professionals and more, our brand is constantly gaining ground and we have the pleasure to communicate our work throughout Greece and abroad.

Product quality

Always respecting our customers and aiming at the absolute quality, we make sure we work with the leading suppliers and use materials that meet all modern standards. Our team consists of craftsmen with extensive experience who watch every little detail.

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new collection

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Furnishing ideas which are unique and authentic – never boring and always full of imagination and inspiration.


interior design

We’re here to help you create your personal space with our fully customizable sets.

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